Christmas Is...

Christmas Is...

While thinking about the circumstances surrounding Christ’s birth, Christians can rejoice that the Messiah has come to earth and dealt with our sin. We can praise God for fulfilling His promises. and we can have complete confidence that He will always be faithful to do what He has declared.

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December 17th 2017 - Pastor Josh Craft
What makes us important is not our position, our finances, the way we look or anything like that. What makes us important is the greatness that God has already placed inside of us. Jesus is the greatest gift to us, but we are God’s greatest gifts to each other
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How to Navigate to a WONDER-Full Future

December 10th 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
Seek God like the wise men: Believe the Word, follow the star, and be willing to be rerouted.
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The Wonder of His Story

December 3rd 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
His-story is proof of God’s prophetic faithfulness in the past and that His promises in the future will come to pass.
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