Get Fired Up

Get Fired Up

“Your Passion is what catapults you out of the mainstream of mediocrity and elevates you beyond impossibility.”

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How to Stay on Fire

May 21st 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
Go to Church, Develop the power to effectively blame, and be the Church!
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Fighting Fire with Fire

May 7th 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
Take a stand for God, speak your faith, and praise the Lord! God empowers the fire to help you!
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Defeating Your Kings

April 30th 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
Kings that need to be defeated: Insignificance, Temptation, Rejection, Discouragement, and Demonic Attack.
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Heart Burn

April 23rd 2017 - Pastor Keith Craft
Your journey matters more than your destination. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
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