The Old Testament says, “He is coming!” The Gospels say, “He is here!” The book of Acts says, “He has come!” The Epistles say, “He is Lord!” Revelation says, “He is coming again!” History, then, is His Story. Everything in the Bible either leads up to his coming or explains the meaning of his coming or promises that he will come again. The person of Jesus Christ is what the book…the Bible is all about!

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Lessons from the His-Story of a Heel Grabber Part 2

March 25th 2018 - Pastor Keith Craft
“It is not where we are going that matters most, but WHO we are becoming in the process.” Leadershipology.com
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Lessons from the His-Story of a Heel Grabber

March 18th 2018 - Pastor Keith Craft
Jacob had two names—Jacob (given by his parents) and Israel (given by God). After his death, the nation eventually called itself “Israel” in his honor—looking to him as its Founding Father.
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