Where Do I Start?

We believe that God has created you to live a great life. We also believe that you shouldn’t do life alone. The Elevated Life is a 4 week class that will help you live the life God wants you to live. It will also help you learn more about our church, and get to know some new friends.

Its the perfect place to start.


Who Is The Elevated Life For?


Anne is new to Elevate Life. She loves the music, the teaching, and the ability to come as you are. She is ready to have a conversation that goes deeper than “Hi! How are you?” She’s looking to make a big church feel personal.


John wants to help build the church. He is ready to start serving and giving but doesn’t know what to do. He needs someone who can help him connect to teams and groups and get more involved at church.


Veronica has attended Elevate Life for a while. She met Jesus here and was baptized here. She comes to church every week but is struggling to figure out what’s next for her. Veronica is ready to connect to people who will help her find and take next steps in her walk with Jesus.

What To Expect

The Elevated Life is a class with four distinct steps to help you connect with Jesus and others. It meets every Sunday during the 9 AM service.

We’ll sit around a table and get to know each other and hear about what it means to live the life God wants for us. You’ll get a chance to connect with people from your campus. You’ll also meet your campus staff and hear how connecting to Jesus and others changed their lives.

During The Elevated Life, we’ll answer your questions about serving, groups, giving, partnering with our vision and what it means to follow Jesus. So whether you know your next step or just want to learn more about our church, The Elevated Life is the place for you!

Wondering about your kids? Your campus has a childcare option for babies through fifth grade. Kids sixth grade and older are invited to participate in The Elevated Life with you!

The Four Steps of the Elevated Life

Step One – Decide who Jesus is

Learn about who Christians believe that Jesus is, and how he speaks to us through the Bible. Step one takes place the first Sunday of every month.

Next Class: February 3

Step Two – Discover Grace

Explore the gift of grace that God gives to each one of us. Step two is the second Sunday of the month.

Next Class: February 10

Step Three – Develop

At Step Three, you will take a communication and spiritual gifts assessment that will help you better understand the way that He specifically designed you to fulfill a purpose.

Next Class: January 20

Step Four – Deploy

At Step Four, you will hear all about Dream Teams and have the opportunity to attend an orientation for the team that fits your area of interest and gifting.

Next Class: January 27

Take the KLLP

In Step Three, we talk about the Kendall Life Languages profile. The KLLP gives you awareness about your communication style and how you relate to other people. Taking this test is completely optional and is not necessary for completing the Elevated Life.