We believe God still saves, he still heals and he uses our personal story to tell His story to the world.

  • God loved me right where I was and changed me forever

    I remember my Grandma, Reba Mae, always asking us if we brought our good clothes.  We figured out as kids that “forgetting” to bring Church clothes meant we could stay at the farm and have fun and not go with…
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  • Going to church every week changed my life

    We started coming to ELC about 13 years ago. My Mam-Maw, who was a strong believer had passed away and emptiness had set in. I received a flyer in the mail from ELC and I felt pulled to go. Married…
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  • God did a miracle in front of my eyes

    My kids and I had only served with Outreach and the Hands & Hearts Ministry once prior to Thanksgiving 2016, but we enjoyed it and the kids had formed a relationship with one of the guests. Thanksgiving 2016 was cold.…
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  • God healed my marriage and my cancer

    In September of 2010, 7 months after the birth of her son Eli, Nadine was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive spinal bone cancer. This type of cancer is so rare that it only affects 1 in 1 million…
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  • How a single mom and survivor of domestic violence found hope

    Jenna was only married for two years before the verbal, emotional and mental abuse began. She fled and ended up at a shelter for domestic violence called Emily’s Place with no car, no job or belongings. While at the same…
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  • Serving created my miracle

    Ernie was a major in the military and fully intended on maintaining a career in the military. He already knew that he had a kidney disease, but on a visit to his doctor, he found out that he would have…
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  • Putting God first changed our lives

    In 2009, Brandon and Kat discovered that both of their children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes strokes and severe brain damage. They were told that they would have to take their children to get their blood drawn…
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  • How a broken family found restoration

    Brian and Nikki moved to Frisco thinking that their kids were going to be soccer stars. After moving to Frisco, they decided to attend a Elevate Life for the first time on Easter. Going to church was the best decision…
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  • My bitterness and brokenness became peace and joy

    Jimmy thought he had a relationship with God. But in the midst of a divorce, he realized something wasn’t right on the inside of him. On paper I was a success, but I really wasn’t Materially he was successful, but…
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  • From feeling forgotten to reaching a forgotten nation

    Aggie knew who God was and grew up in a Christian home but got connected with the wrong crowd in school. After alcohol poisoning and sexual abuse, she turned to cutting, numbing the pain through alcohol and depression. Her decisions…
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Share Your Story

Your story is a gift from God that He can use to draw people to Jesus. A gift? What you’ve been through? Yes.

Take a few minutes to share what Jesus has done in your life!

Not sure where to start or how to tell your story? Start by answering the questions listed below.

How to Share Your Story

We’d love to hear about any life change, turning point, next step or remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life. We celebrate every story we receive, and we are always looking for opportunities to share stories in our events, resources and online. Don’t know how to put your story in words? Start by answering these questions step by step:

What is your defining moment?

Choose a turning point or defining moment in your life; a problem or struggle; a change of mind or heart; or a significant relationship. A single storyline or idea makes telling your story more manageable.

What is the context of your story?

Paint a picture of your circumstances and describe what motivated your life before the change took place. You will help people understand and relate.

What happened and why?

Bring people along on your journey. Share how and why your choices, attitudes, and circumstances changed. Since your story is ultimately about God, make it clear how Jesus becomes the change-maker — turning a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victor.

What did God show you about yourself or Himself?

Every good story makes sense of the world. This is your opportunity to offer a personal takeaway, and share about how your life is different after God got involved.

Want to get started?