Aggie Alvarez

Aggie knew who God was and grew up in a Christian home but got connected with the wrong crowd in school. After alcohol poisoning and sexual abuse, she turned to cutting, numbing the pain through alcohol and depression.

Her decisions got worse and worse. So bad that her parents told her to change, or move out. She left, and for 6 months, she had little to no communication with her family. In that time, she got connected with several different families that provided a home and a way to get to church.This was the first time that she began to hear the Bible in a real way and hear God’s voice telling her to reconnect with her family. She was still not fully committed to God, but she called her mom and asked to move back home.

God began to show up in my life with such grace.

On a trip to Mexico she felt God say to her: “Go to a forgotten nation, a nation that is civilized but is no longer evangelized and tell them about the same radical change that I felt in my heart and have received.”

Aggie came home and decided that she needed to jump in with both feet. She applied Elevate Leadership Institute and began her internship. During her internship, the interns took a mission trip to Belgium. While in Belgium, God began to speak to her that this was the forgotten nation that He had told her about.

She still had almost 2 years left before she would graduate. Aggie made a deal with God and said that if she still felt compelled to go to Belgium after she graduated, then she would go. She graduated and couldn’t shake the feeling that she was called, and it was time to move.

In April of 2016 Aggie was commissioned by the Greater Europe Mission as a missionary. The organization told her that she would have to raise 4,500 monthly which was the largest sum she as every had to raise. In the process of waiting for consistent support, there was a season where she felt to give more than she has ever given before. She decided to give ¼ of her paycheck every check in faith that the support she needed would begin to come in. She wanted to give what was important to her to be obedient and show her faith in God for the remaining support she needed.

On October 8, 2017 Aggie was deployed to training and from there, was sent to Belgium.

Aggie never had any idea that she would be the first missionary that would be sent from Elevate Life Church.

Don’t lose hope in the dreams God has given you



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