Ernie Lopez

Ernie was a major in the military and fully intended on maintaining a career in the military. He already knew that he had a kidney disease, but on a visit to his doctor, he found out that he would have to be medically retired from the military.

Ernie and his wife had also been trying to have a child for the previous 7 years and were in the middle of IVF. Right after Ernie found out that he would no longer have a career in the military, he and his wife found out that she was pregnant.

They moved to Dallas and Ernie and his family began attending Elevate Life. However, he was unable to maintain the pace of his new corporate job because of his worsening kidney disease. 2 weeks after his son was born, he resigned from his job and lost 40% of his income.

During that time, they began serving on a team together. And some people on the team learned that Ernie had been diagnosed with kidney disease. He learned about a woman named Deborah on his team that had already begun the process of becoming a kidney donor. They discovered that Deborah was a perfect organ donor for Ernie but she didn’t have health insurance.

Their team decided to raise the money to pay for her testing and the donation themselves.

Everyone on our team is a part of our miracle.

On May 15, 2017 Ernie had his kidney transplant.

Because of God, the relationships that his family built, and his faithfulness to God, Ernie was able to experience an amazing miracle.

We were faithful with the little and God has rewarded us with much.”


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