Jenna Neely

Jenna was only married for two years before the verbal, emotional and mental abuse began.

She fled and ended up at a shelter for domestic violence called Emily’s Place with no car, no job or belongings. While at the same time being ordered by the state to return custody of her son back to her husband when he filed for divorce.

In divorce proceedings, she represented herself. At the first hearing she was able to obtain full custody of her son, a protective order and child support. God showed up that day.

Even though she was physically safe, she was hopeless and broken on the inside. She believed that grace was not earned but given. And that she didn’t deserve any grace. As God began to show her his grace, she was challenged to write down what she was believing for in her life.

Everything that I asked God for (and more) happened in my life.

She graduated from the group home program, got a new job making more than she had ever made, bought a car and lost 40 pounds in the process.

God completely and totally redeemed everything in her life and put her on the path to realizing her destiny.

The hopeless me has dissolved. God is the God of the impossible.

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