Love Letters

Love Letters

Love is a feeling, in the beginning of life. But as it grows deeper, it soars higher than hatred and strife. Love conquers all and covers all sin. Love in the end, is God’s invitation to win.

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The Divine Love-Quest Part 4

March 20th 2016 - Pastor Keith Craft

Don't lose your's the ONE thing that pleases God. The more you please God, the more of God's love YOU will know and be able to show.

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The Divine Love-Quest Part 3

March 13th 2016 - Pastor Keith Craft
Live giving honor and showing love because of how much you’re loved by will keep you from feeling dishonored and unloved.
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How to Excel in Love

March 6th 2016 - Pastor Keith Craft
Make love your greatest risk and allow yourself to be moved with compassion.
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The Divine Love-Quest Part 2

February 21st 2016 - Pastor Keith Craft
How you live your "Love is..." will determine how your "Love Happens" in your life.
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The Divine Love-Quest

February 14th 2016 - Pastor Keith Craft
Love is...finding someone who believes the way you believe, values what you value, and being wanted by someone you want to be wanted by.
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