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At Elevate Life, Servant Leadership is part of our DNA. It is not just something we do, but it is who we are. We believe that servant leadership is about serving others. Here at Elevate Life, if you choose to serve with us, you understand how much God wants to use you to love other people. We are on a mission to live like Jesus and to seek to create great experiences for everyone.

It is through this love-based leadership culture that we become changed, grow as leaders and set an example for others.

How We Serve

How We Serve is one of our foundational classes that help leaders learn our servant leadership philosophy. It is designed for all new and seasoned servant leaders, and it is a critical part of developing yourself on the Greatness Journey. Take the practical tools taught and apply them in your home, work place, or anywhere you may go.

How We Serve is currently being revamped. We will release new content soon.

Serving Opportunities

Service Experience

Added 09/06/23

Our service experience area consists of 7 teams: Host, Parking, Next Steps, Cafe, Bookstore, VIP Call, and Prayer. This SL area is vital to creating great experiences for all our guests. From the parking lot to the main auditorium and everything in between, want people to experience the love of Jesus.

Teams: Host, Parking, Next Steps, Café, Bookstore, VIP, Call, Prayer


Added 09/06/23

Our outreach team serves the local community and the world. Through things like adopt a block, food pantries, blood drives and mission trips, etc.

Next Generation

Added 09/06/23

Our next generation area is focused on raising up the next generation of leaders! We have two teams: ELC Kids and ELC Youth.

Teams: Kids, Youth


Added 09/06/23

Our Elert Team is CPR certified and empowered to respond in medical situations.

Worship & Production

Added 09/06/23

Our worship & production creates the atmosphere within our auditorium. From music, lights, graphics, there is so much opportunity.

Teams: Worship, Production, Choir, Photography

Special Events

Added 09/06/23

Our special events team gets to help with decorating and special elements for all types of events big and small.


Added 09/06/23

Our technology team helps with data, checkin, and engages with our online audience.

Teams: InfoTech, Online

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