Alisha Mino

We started coming to ELC about 13 years ago. My Mam-Maw, who was a strong believer had passed away and emptiness had set in. I received a flyer in the mail from ELC and I felt pulled to go. Married at the time I hoped my husband would want to go too, but he was fighting his own battles and didn’t feel church was part of a solution for him. So I went alone. Month after month I went and began taking my children with me. Eventually I found Jesus and began a relationship with him.(What was that moment you found Jesus) Over time, I grew and one day Pastor Keith looked right at myself and my kids during a service and said “its time to go, Move.” That day broke the chains that connected me to a marriage filled with adultery and freed my kids and I from years of emotional and physical abuse.  I found Jesus to be the solution to all our problems in life year after year.

February 19th 2017 God whispered this into my heart during a church service at Elevate Life. If I told you all you needed to do to have a 180 in your life is to show up here 52 times … that THIS promise comes WITH GUARANTEES … “IF” you step out and do your part…would you show up?” With tears in my eyes, I immediately wrote it down in my notes on my phone knowing life was about to change for the better. Finding myself again, “in a season” that He would be the solution, but this time…we were going to document a testimony to let the world too, see Him in action.

I was in a relationship where we weren’t seeing eye to eye, I was in a job in which I was over worked and under paid, I was raising a teenage daughter who was in the midst of knowing her worth and not settling for less in relationships, I was a “Mommager” to my son who was pursuing a musical career filled with road blocks and sprinkled doubt and a care taker to my Mom who had moved in with us after her heart attack and still recovering but thriving.

I had a lot on my plate and had been carrying it all. I was exhausted and ready to lay it down at His feet. That Sunday morning on February 19th, I was feeling like I was up against a wall but, all I wanted to do was get to church to worship and praise Him right in the middle of the storm. He met me right where I was, like he has a million times before. I heard God loud and clear and knew what I had to do. I couldn’t see the future or how it was all going to improve, but I knew if I followed the plan He gave me…it would all work out. After church that day I talked with my family and we launched Project 52, agreeing to come to church 1 time a week for 52 weeks, believing for life to get better.

My spirit was immediately filled up with the idea to build a testimony for others to see God in action. I knew this house where my family was planted and that miracles happen here.Week after week we consistently showed up last year as we rolled out Project 52 and the fog began to clear. In the past 52 weeks my daughter has begun right alignments that push her to love Jesus more  and is beginning to know how worthy she is.

My son who has dreamed since he was 3 to be a musician (show old video) was about to give up but the next day got the opportunity to play a show and after was contacted by 300 records (a subsidy of Atlantic records) who is backed by google and youtube offered John a major recording artist record deal.

I told myself that next year I will gain 50 thousand dollars. That number kept echoing in my mind. I personally was feeling stuck in my job and wanted to grow. I landed a job where I am now the general manager of a boutique and not that I am one to speak numbers but it is relevant here, the salary I was offered was 50 thousand dollars…plus bonuses and percentages of the store. God is faithful. God is good.

When you step out, and step up God meets you right where you are.

As I mentioned earlier this project was birthed on 2/19/17 during service. Guess what happened on 2/9/18 just ten days prior to the original launch of Project 52? Pastor Clay…not knowing of the date the project originated…reached out to John asking for us to tell our testimony. WOW. To top that off, on 2/18/18, the last day of the Project John and I were serving on the worship team together,  his very first time…unplanned myself unexpectedly filling in for someone.

I could sit here and add at least 10 more “God moments” to Project 52 and one day I will. But in this moment to summarize I’ll say this. Your story is my story. Looking back this project was not JUST about us…this project was for others to see what when they put everything in God’s hands and truly trust Him youll find… God is real, God is Faithful, God wants all your hearts desires to come true, you just have to be willing to follow the path He wants to lead you down.

God has a great plan for you… get with the right people, in the right place, at the right time and see what God does in your life.

Its not about just coming to church. It is about putting God first and making him your priority personally and as the leader of your family. God wont just do something great in you and your families life but He will use you to encourage others!

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