The Covington Family

In 2009, Brandon and Kat discovered that both of their children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes strokes and severe brain damage. They were told that they would have to take their children to get their blood drawn every two weeks and would never be able to eat a regular diet. Even with these precautions, their children’s risk of stroke would still be around 75%.

Then, Kat learned that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma.

I was raised believing in healing, but I was scared.

During her chemotherapy, Brandon was praying one morning, and he heard God speak to him that their children would be fine and that Kat would be healed.

God said no harm was going to come to our children.

Kat had a tumor in her neck and chest. She would lay her hands on them and pray that God would heal them. At her 4 month PET scan, there was no cancer to be found. Her doctor told her that this was medically impossible. She hadn’t had enough chemo for her tumors to be gone – they could shrink some but they should not be gone. She was also his only patient in 30 years who hadn’t lost her hair from the treatment.

I told everyone that I talked to that I was going to be healed.

After Kat’s healing, she and Brandon decided to drive 2 hours each way so that they could attend Elevate Life.

Brandon and Kat also decided to tithe from the very beginning, even though it was hard. They’ve seen God open the heavens over their life financially, relationally, professionally and personally.

They feel that this has been directly tied to their decision to tithe faithfully.

It’s about untying God’s hands so he can work in your life.

They are so glad that after 10 years, they are where they are supposed to be and are growing and seeing real fruit in their lives and the lives of others.

It’s all God, 100% of this is standing on His word.

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