Jimmy Fougerousse

Jimmy thought he had a relationship with God. But in the midst of a divorce, he realized something wasn’t right on the inside of him.

On paper I was a success, but I really wasn’t

Materially he was successful, but emotionally he was broken. He had a lot of un-forgiveness and regret in his heart.

In 2010 some neighbors of his asked if he would be willing to let them use his house to throw a birthday party. Something special happened. During the party he noticed how amazing these kids were. They loved and accepted each other, there was a light shining that he had never seen before. He also met a beautiful woman named Shanna.

The next day I visited Elevate Life and have been attending ever since. Over the next year, while searching for healing, he discovered the power of servant leadership, giving, family of choice, how to be a mighty man of God and how to think Kingdom.

He proposed to Shanna in 2011 and they were married in 2012. During that year he started giving more than he ever had before. He was contributing to the church in many ways, but I still wasn’t tithing.

In August of 2012 it finally hit Jimmy that Elevate Life wasn’t just talking about giving money to the church, but about the word of God. Convicted with knowing what he now knew, he decided to get right.

If I do my part, God will always show up and do His part.

As soon as he started putting God first, his life completely changed.

2013 was a breakthrough year. His business was the most successful it had been in the last twelve years. He joined the Alter Call team, the FEW team and we decided to not just tithe, but give over and above his tithe. By 2015, his sales had doubled what he sold in 2009 which was the year before he came to Elevate Life.

I now have a feeling of peace I have never known.

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