Nadine Cordova

In September of 2010, 7 months after the birth of her son Eli, Nadine was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive spinal bone cancer.

This type of cancer is so rare that it only affects 1 in 1 million people. There was no known treatment for it and her chances of survival were slim. She had been told that the tumor was inoperable and was only able to do a clinical trial of radiation therapy that would not treat the cancer, but it might help the tumor shrink.

During her 2 years of treatments her friends left her, her husband abandoned her emotionally and her family was in denial.

Her family found Elevate Life and started serving, but things still weren’t getting any better.

After one bad argument with her husband, feeling as though her heart was breaking, she cried out to God for help. Within minutes, something changed, her and her husband became civil again, they agreed to start attending marriage counseling together.

In November 2015 she found out that due to the toxicity levels of radiation in her neck and head that most of her healthy tissues, nerves, and muscles were dead or beginning to die. Her doctors wanted her to do 60 days of aggressive treatment to reduce her levels of radiation, but weren’t sure how it would affect her tumor.

A few days before her treatments started, she and her husband came forward in a service for prayer. As she was being prayed for, she felt the touch of Jesus through the person who was praying for her.

As they walked back to their seats she told her husband that she felt that she would be okay and that she knew God had already healed her. After completing her 60 days of treatments, doctors did a scan on her dying muscles. The scan not only showed that the muscles were no longer dying, but her entire tumor had miraculously turned into scar tissue.

God not only healed her marriage, he healed her emotionally and physically.

I’m living proof that this is a place where miracles happen and God does the impossible.

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