The Purcell Family

Brian and Nikki moved to Frisco thinking that their kids were going to be soccer stars. After moving to Frisco, they decided to attend a Elevate Life for the first time on Easter.

Going to church was the best decision we ever made

They were hooked after easter, brought to tears, and fell in love with the people of Elevate Life. When they walked in the doors, they knew they were in the right place.

After beginning to attend Elevate Life, they discovered their son had been sexually abused when he was ten years old. Both Brian and his son began to experience severe depression and anxiety.

The only thing that is going to help is Jesus

They decided they didn’t want to miss church at all. But their teenage sons wouldn’t come to church with them. They decided to send them to Elevate Life’s student camp. At camp, God completely changed their son’s lives.

God changed their family, changed their business and changed their future.

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